low key and lo-fi contemporary pop and rnb, featuring global pop and hip hop collabs

Stefen has been creating his own unique music for over a decade, never giving a f@#! about what other people want him to sound like. He never took music for granted, he never sold out, he never go big, but he never went home. Originally from a small farm town full of hippies and bikers, in rural BC in Western Canada, he bought a guitar when he was 17 and learned by playing blues and rock music in small town dive bars. Soon he bought a laptop and taught himself to produce basic beats.

He channeled his gritty, rough and wild rural upbringing into creating music, often experimental soundscapes, sometimes political, sometimes happy, sometimes angry. After spending a few years drifting in and out of different jobs and schools, he ventured to the frozen north of BC to be
a pipefitter, and in that rough oil town, isolated from distraction, he started his project nrthsound. Now he draws on his wide experiences in life to give his music perspective, based on a keeping a humble and thoughtful approach to art.

Currently he also runs a hip hop group with Fibz and J Kim called $elfimploy, in which he produces, sings and raps.